Partner with confidence. We will work with established or new business or hospitality establishments to develop, advise and execute in innovative, high-growth solutions and concept ideas for today and tomorrow.

We are a reputable hospitality management & consultancy company in Dubai with positive returns for all partners involved.

We help open, manage and operate your restaurant and bar.  Our management and consultancy clients can tap into years of knowledge, expertise and tools that we have developed by being one of the key hospitality players over the past 15 years in the UAE.

We develop, advise and execute innovative, high-growth solutions and concept ideas for today and tomorrow.

Driven by

We will help grow your business and brands by creating full 360 performance operations, marketing communications and financial procedures and solutions that are on-brand, for every stage of the business and customer lifecycle. We truly believe that each hospitality business deserves to shine.

Driven by excellence, our clients and own hospitality establishments always enjoy quality, employees are involved and motivated while our management and partners take pride in their involvement.

We will help you to rethink your brand, aptly. Not only by for example a simple visual makeover, but by unsalted, no-nonsense digging, carving and sharpening to get to the core of your brand and procedures.

Strategies and solutions that make sense and builds on return. With just one goal in mind: to shape or create a quality brand that will stick with your audience. In the process of shaping and creating your brand we’ll establish what will be needed to make your brand stick. This may entail in new operations or financial procedures, (digital) strategy, visual identity or resort to shifting to new (social) media. Whatever is researched, discussed and works for your personal goals and audience.Each project is based on our values and guided by our core principles.

They’re in everything we do and are what makes Creneau International Restaurant Management unique.

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