We’re designers.
Specializing in hospitality.
Born 30 years ago in Belgium.
Leading the design market in the UAE since 2006.
We franchise.
And we know hospitality inside-out through own operations.

At Creneau International we listen to you, we ask many questions and if you ask us for an answer you might just get another question that’s because there are no answers, only options, and we want to choose the best one.

Our Clients are our partners, and so we will not work for you, we will work with you and that’s a complete different relationship. One thing you need to know about us, we’re allergic to copycats. The cats we like are the ones that dare to take risks and stand out. And although we are a design and branding agency we realize that design and branding are mere surface. The invisible parts of a concept are the parts that will shape the surface and these are as important, that’s why we like to dig deep before we even start to form a surface.

to be

Creneau Interior Design Agency Dubai Middle East

We come
in many forms

At Creneau International we don’t have a specific design style as we believe that there is not one way to do it. We adjust our style to the brief, our research and the situation to achieve the best possible result!


one stop shop for your franchise adventure

Our strength lies in the fact that we develop and maintain all aspects of running successful restaurants before presenting them as available franchise concepts! Meaning we establish the main concept and develop it in every detail, from menu development to interior design, branding, marketing & operations.

After years of own investment and operations we can truly say we are ready to provide a one stop shop for your franchise adventure.

we will work
with you


Creneau Interior Design Agency Dubai Middle East

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